by PT. Lancar Rejeki Berkat Jaya


Our inspection class ROV(s) are fully owned and operated and have high performance, combining superior power, telemetry and payload with ease of use, ruggedness and reliability providing powerful overall performance envelope and versatility. Additional equipment are available based on the cope of work or the job type.

LRBJ owns and operates 3 units of Inspection Class ROVs:

Seaeye Tiger

Features :

Deep Ocean Vector M5

Features :

Perseo GTV

Features :

Depth Rating: 1000m

Dimension: L: 1.03m, W: 0.70m, H: 0.59m

Weight : 150kg

Power Supply: 380-480 VAC 3-phase
50÷60Hz 60 kVA

Payload : 32kg

Deployment system : Optional LARS, TMS and Davit Crane

Depth Rating: 333m

Dimension: L: 1.07m, W: 0.8m, H:0.76m

Weight : 114kg

Power Supply: 230 VAC 3-phase
50÷60Hz 10 kVA

Payload : 23 - 32kg

Deployment system : LARS and Davit Crane

Depth Rating: 1500m

Dimension: L: 1.55m, W: 0.95m, H:0.7m

Weight : 400kg

Power Supply: 400 VAC 3-phase
50÷60Hz 10 kW

Payload : 15-40kg

Deployment system : Optional LARS, TMS and Davit Crane