by PT. Lancar Rejeki Berkat Jaya

Underwater Survey & IMR

LRBJ provides Underwater Survey and IMR (Inspection, Maintenance and Repair) Diving services with an advanced technology and highly trained and experienced personnel.

Our services may include routine inspection programmes including:

  • Offshore platform inspection
  • Jetty and wharf site survey and inspection
  • Pipeline survey and inspection
  • SPM inspection
  • Pipeline leak investigation and repair using clamp
  • Anode/CP retrofit and installation
  • Site/debris clearance survey
  • Subsea structure cleaning
  • Subsea structure leak investigation and repair
  • etc


The scope of work may include:

  • Visual and Close visual inspection
  • Cathodic measurement (CP)
  • Underwater thickness measurement (UT)
  • Non Destructive Test (NDT)
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)
  • Marine growth inspection and measurement
  • Underwater structure survey and inspection¬†
  • etc


Inspection, Repair and Maintenance (IMR)

  • Platform inspection
  • Pipeline inspection
  • Pipeline leak investigation and repair
  • Anode retrofit
  • Cathodic protection measurement and installation
  • Debris and site clearance survey